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WEqual foundation is a non-profit organization established in May of 2016. The foundation was initially started to fulfill the community’s need to have a place – a community – for badminton enthusiasts to play, learn, improve, socialize, and grow in a safe, positive and caring environment that would cultivate responsible, productive, proactive and benevolent community citizens. Its original name “Modest Grass Badminton Association” was a name that reflected that belief, which was changed to WEqual in November 2016 to include all communities that share the same vision and are willing to carry forward the same mission.

The organization’s main focus currently is to foster an equal learning environment for our community through badminton. The community members we current serve include kids, student, seniors, women, new immigrants and families with different financial barriers. The organization has hosted many of its events at local schools and badminton centers. It now has over 600 people, of which 250 people attend events every week. The growth rate of new members is around 3~5 people a week. Because most badminton centres are located in and near the city of Richmond, the organization’s current events are typically hosted at schools and badminton centres in Richmond. However, plans to expand our services to nearby cities, such as Vancouver, are already underway.



We are a non-profit foundation located in Richmond, British Columbia.
We support sporting community and programs in their endeavours to provide equal opportunities to everyone who wishes to participate in sports.


A world where everyone has equal opportunity to learn.


To advance non-discriminatory learning environments and helps everyone has an equal chance to achieve their fullest potential through sporting activities.


We are a foundation who support sporting community and programs in their endeavours to provide equal opportunities to everyone who wishes to participate in sports.

Our hope is that everyone can access and learn any sport they like regardless of social and economic differences.

The support we provide to our members range from:

  • Contribute to our community engagement
  • Promoting activities and events that align with our values and goals
  • Develop economic and multiculturalism in Canada

What We Did 2016

WE Badminton

WE Badminton is a badminton project which aim is to create undiscriminating badminton environments and help anyone to engage our community.

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